Sometimes, life hands you a bag of lemons … so what do you do … you make the most of it and make lemonade … and for the Alonso family, lemonade has turned into an idea to spend a year aboard a boat, living, learning, loving and getting healthy.

So … in a quick amount of time, we made the decision … buy a boat, pack the house, move aboard, and figure the rest out as we move along.

Our new floating home

Our new floating home

On July 5th, we took possesion of our 43ft Lagoon Powercat, we quickly went through a list of possible names for her, and in the end settled on Discovery. The Dixie Rodes (her former name) became Discovery and our new floating home.

With the help of friends Tim and Ryan we tried to learn the boat, do some upgrades and get ready for the arrival of the family. On July 8th Tim and Ryan headed to St. Thomas, USVI on a chartered speedboat to collect the clan … 6 people (Megan joining us for a month) and 18 bags of luggage.

… and so our story starts … The Alonso Adventure, 6 of us and friends; exploring the islands of the Caribbean, learning along the way, getting healthier and making memories

Our cruising ground

Our cruising ground

We have no set agenda, no set plans … just wanting to wander and see where we end up, treating each day as an adventure. We are currently in the British Virgin Islands (where we bought the boat).

We plan to head south in the coming week, looking for safe harbors to guard against hurricanes. Once we reach Grenada (or Trinidad), we will decide to explore further south (South America) or head west towards Central America.

Once the hurricane season ends, we will head back north (at least that is the idea) and explore as much as we can, planning to end back in Florida in 2014.

19 thoughts on “Lemonade

  1. Awesome! Nice boat. We’ve spent some time in the BVIs and love it, but have not been further South. Looks like you guys have an incredible journey ahead, so enjoy every minute of every experience, as I know you will have plenty…..you’re on a boat. :-) Safe travels, Alonsos, and we’ll look forward to hearing of your adventures.

  2. We love seeing the picture of your family together on your new boat! The no agenda and no set plans sounds great. Those unplanned excursions always turn about to be the best. Thinking of you often, stay safe and have a blast.

  3. Excited to be able to journey along with the Alonso Family via your blog. Wishing you all happiness and love along the way. Your dance family will be missing you!

  4. I’m so glad to see your happy faces and read a little of your adventures so far. John, take one Michelle, too, please. We’d like to see her smile as well :)

  5. That’s Awesome! What an amazing experience you’ll all treasure the rest of your lives. Looking forward to seeing what adventures you find.

  6. The boat looks amazing. A lovely home :) So excited to be able to keep up to date on your travels with the blog. Love seeing the photos. Xxxx

  7. Awesome! This sounds very familiar to someone else I know who is currently sailing the world…especially the “spend a year aboard a boat, living, learning, loving and getting healthy” part 😉 Lots of love to you all!

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