Contact Us

There are a couple of ways to communicate with us while we are on our adventure.

Email – we typically have access to WiFi every day, at worst case, it seems to be every other day. This means, that we will check our emails with that frequency. This is the best way to get a hold of us.

Cell Phone – our plan is to get a cell phone as often as we can, this allows us to make/receive calls and SMS.  Our current cell phone number is +1 721 581 1768 (John) or +1 721 581 1968 (Michelle). You can text or call, be aware that these are long distance numbers.

Satellite Messenger – we carry a DeLorme Inreach SE Satellite Messenger. This allows us to send and receive text messages anywhere in the world. You can text a message to us, using your cell phone. Our satellite number is +1 213 529 8559 (I think this is either a US or Canadian area code)

Mapshare – Our satellite messenger has a tracking feature. The link below will give you a map that shows where we are. You can send us a message from there or just check our location. Our MapShare website is … … the password is Michelle’s last name

Here’s some information about the satellite messager us (

Mapshare seems to be the easiest way to send a message to through the satellites.